Everyday occurrences such as a person walking or talking, being absorbed within their own world is a fascinating experience. The atmosphere of light and sound that surrounds our lives allows the thought process to proceed into new and exciting struggles. This constant evolution provides many different sides to a personal perspective of vision and ideas. These multi-contrasts motivate such decisions to paint with a "fact versus fiction-based" initiative.

Daniel Lavoie, Canadian born (1976), is a foreigner or, shall we say, is a person with out one single location to call home. He left his home country over 10 years ago and feels as if he truly doesn't belong to one place. Constant change has forced his personal perspectives of life and therefore provides a creative struggle to make optimistic changes within his own life. People, places and things under a sensation of hypertension drive him to investigate and re-invent himself on a perpetual basis.

Daniel currently lives and works in Mexico City.