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The Control of Nature

Our world and its people have made ferocious changes to nature. The astounding and numerous amounts of changes have sometimes been positive but at the same time, regretfully to say, there have been mostly changes that are negative of nature. We are the culprits to the world’s current problems. It is without a doubt, of full conviction, that human beings have chosen his or her path to a point where one could consider this choice to be a lack of a proper sense of responsibility, or one to be suffering a psychosis (better known as a psychotic).

When putting things into a general perspective we can look at our domesticated animals and pretend that they are solutions to our hunger and to our survival. I do not believe that we respect our livestock as we do with our own specific breed of human race. Papers written on this specific topic: cattle, crops and our survival for future generations to come……this a subject matter referred to as “sustainable agriculture”.

Our sustainable future perceives to be a myth. A session of questions must be proposed to the human population, to experience a form of interpersonal philosophical experience. A very pertinent question that is of urgency, Are we slaving our future generations of human kind?


Galería La Casita, Mexico City 2011

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